Price Spectre Official Launch

Price Spectre - Dynamic PricingToday is the official launch of Price Spectre. Price Spectre is currently available at both and within eBay’s Selling Manager via Selling Manager Applications.

Benefits to using Price Spectre through Selling Manager:

  • Same great Price Spectre.  Nothing changes except the interface you use.
  • Manage your items’ prices without ever leaving eBay.
  • Automatic billing handled by eBay.

To sign up through Selling Manager Apps simply visit our application catalog entry (listed under “Listing” and “Research & Reporting”) and click the subscribe button.  You must have an active Selling Manager subscription before signing up but that is free.  You must also be a US registered seller on as other international sites are not yet supported.

6 Responses to “Price Spectre Official Launch”

  1. Rocks….this software is bomb !!

  2. Hello,

    I’m considering the use of the Price Spectre on eBay.
    Can this software let me charge on a steady percent above the Amazon or price?

    Thank & Regards,

  3. @ Yakov

    Yes, Price Spectre can make your eBay listings a certain percentage above or Amazon. Many sellers do this as a form of arbitrage.

  4. good day,

    Im a program dev lead, and I wanted to implement this in one of my projects. apparently I found out that your instructional video on your website is not updated. can you give me a tech documents or new video links for a step by step guide on how to use and optimize price spectre.

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