Quantity Manager Now On Selling Manager

Quantity Manager - Scarcity SellsQuantity Manager is now available for use directly on the eBay site as part of eBay’s Selling Manager Applications program.

Benefits to using Quantity Manager through Selling Manager:

  • Same great Quantity Manager.  Nothing changes except the interface you use.
  • Better options to quickly manage and monitor your inventory.
  • Manage your inventory levels without ever leaving eBay.
  • Cleaner interface.
  • Automatic billing handled by eBay.
  • Seven day free trial even if you are a prior customer.
  • Two new price points with unlimited refreshes.

To celebrate this achievement we are offering two flat rate pricing options to our new and existing customers.  We offer a monthly plan of $9.95 per month and a yearly plan of $99.95.  Considering that the typical subscriber to Quantity Manager spends between $14 – $30 per month this is a significant savings.  However to lock in this pricing you must act quickly.  These flat rate pricing plans will be replaced by our standard usage-based pricing in September.  If too many people take us up on this offer we may stop accepting new subscriptions in order to ensure the high quality of our service.

To sign up through Selling Manager Apps simply visit our application catalog entry (listed under “Inventory”) and click the subscribe button.  You must have an active Selling Manager subscription before signing up but that is now free.  You must also be a US registered seller on eBay.com as other international sites are not yet supported. If you are a current subscriber you must pay any balances that are due on your account before subscribing through Selling Manager.  If you receive an error message try back later this week since eBay is performing a staggered roll-out of SM Apps.

2 Responses to “Quantity Manager Now On Selling Manager”

  1. I am chinese eBay seller.I want to use your application.But I can not use it.

    How can I use your application?

  2. @ k_mark

    If you are registered on the eBay HK site you should be able to follow the directions in this post to subscribe. If that doesn’t work you are always welcome to sign up directly on our site at http://www.qtyman.com .

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